Customer Feedback
What Our Customers have been saying: 

 Barbra, TS Customer. "We love your product! My almost 100 year old mther has a cup of hot turmeric ginger tea everyday to help her arthritis.We love the hand sanitizer too." (Turmeric, Ginger & Black Pepper Powder Mix:) 

 Tina, TS Customer says. "I order these double packet capsules for myself and my 97 year-old mother. I believe the bromelin and black pepper help with the absorption. Amazing and still vital mom was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis recently. The doctor said to try turmeric to keep inflammation down. Mom hasn't had a flare up since I've begun ordering these, we both take two capsules in the morning with breakfast. I want to keep my inflammation down especially during COVID-19 times." (Biomeric Turmeric Capsules) 

 Emil, TS Customer says, "Great as always, we'll be back." 

 Lisa - Long Beach, California says, "This is a great product - Turmeric + black pepper. I use it each morning with a squeezed lemon, hot water and a little manuka honey. It has helped the joint soreness in my knees." 

 Mr. Haslam says, "Your customer service is as terrific as your product. always a pleasure to call in my annual order." 

 Monica Says, "Very pleased with product and service.Very professional and efficent. Thank You"