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Immune Support Capsules

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Immune Support Capsules
Immune Support Capsules
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Immune Support Capsules 

(Ceylon Cinnamon, Elderberry)


There are two main types of cinnamon. They both contain the same active ingredients and flavor but offer different potencies.

Ceylon cinnamon is more potent than Cassia cinnamon.


Cinnamaldehyde, one of cinnamon’s most active ingredients, is responsible for much of the powerful health benefits.

Although the nutritional content of cinnamon is rarely thought about, cinnamon contains almost no protein or fat.

It is a natural food preservative and a natural enemy to salmonella.


Elderberry is one of nature’s most versatile and commonly used medicinal plants in the world.

For centuries, elderberries have been an important element of traditional medicine.


Elderberries were used it to treat infections, improve complexions, heal burns, treat influenza, treat infections, and to treat various types of pain.

They were also used as a laxative and diuretic.


Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Choline, Fiber, Folate, Calcium, Magnesium,

Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Selenium, Sodium, Beta-Carotene, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Flavonoids, Amino Acids & More…


Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, Antibiotic, Antifungal, Antiviral, Antimicrobial, Antibacterial, Anticlotting, Anticoagulant,

Antitumor, Anticarcinogenic, Anticancer, Antidiabetic, Antiallergic, Antispasmodic, Aphrodisiac, Antihistamine, Diuretic & More…


Heart Health, Cognitive Health, Digestive Health, Brain Health, Bone Health, Muscle Health, Skin Health, Oral Health, Eye Health,

Cardiovascular Health, Circulatory Health, Intestinal Health, Stomach Health, Respiratory Health, Neurological Health,

Immune System Health, Kidney Health, Gastrointestinal Health, Blood Vessel Health & More…


Stomach Issues, Intestinal Issues, Pain, Inflammation, Heart Disease, Heart Attack, Stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease,

Weight Loss Aid, Infections, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Tooth Decay, Diabetes, Prediabetes, Cancer, HIV, AIDS,

Allergies, Arthritis, Wounds, Mood, Stress, Candida, Salmonella, Jaundice, Rubella, Gastroenteritis, Insulin Resistance,

Hypoglycemia, Hyperglycemia, Diabetes Mellitus, Cognitive Decline, Cognitive Processing, Focus, Memory, Visual-Motor Speed,

Neurodegenerative Diseases, ADD, ADHD, Muscle Soreness, Muscle Weakness, Menstruation, Cramping, Primary Dysmenorrhea,

Vomiting, Collagen Production, Irritation, Infections, Detoxification, Dental Pain, Heart Pain, Nerve Pain, Joint Pain, Muscle Pain,

Sciatica, Headaches, Migraines, Muscle Aches, Asthma, Cough, Fever, Congestion, Cold, Flu, Influenza, Constipation, Digestion,

Urinary Tract Infection, Diarrhea, Hemorrhoids, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, Vision, Epilepsy, Nephritic Syndrome,

Beriberi, Swelling, Back Pain, Chronic Rheumatism, Aging, Sinusitis & More…


Ceylon Cinnamon

Reduces pain and swelling from arthritis and many other inflammatory diseases

Reduces the inflammatory response in the body, leading to fewer negative symptoms

Reduces symptoms related to chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis

Prevents fat oxidation

Combats inflammation that becomes chronic (chronic inflammation is when the body’s own tissues are being fought, the body is fighting itself)

Fights infections in the body and repairs tissue damage, while

Boosts the immune system, ensuring it functions optimally

Fight infections and viruses

Combats intestinal fungus like candida

Fights viral infections and various types of bacterial and fungal infections

Inhibits the growth of certain bacteria and combats respiratory infections caused by fungi

Reduces symptoms that accompany the cold and flu

Acts as a natural digestive aid

Fights and prevents digestive issues (including nausea, flatulence, loss of appetite, diarrhea, indigestion, and upset stomach)

Breaks down food particles and stimulates gastric juices and saliva (which supports healthy nutrient absorption and digestion)

Kills the bacteria and virus that cause digestive issues

Effectively combats nausea, the stomach flu, (gastroenteritis) and irritable bowel syndrome

Eases the pain of irritable bowel syndrome and removes the bacteria or virus

Aids in weight loss and prevents obesity

Enhances lipid metabolism and promotes many health properties

Increases insulin sensitivity and delays gastric emptying (which leaves the body feeling fuller for a longer period of time, there for aiding in weight loss)

Normalizes insulin levels in the body (avoiding the onset of diabetes)

Acts as a catalyst to increase the production of antioxidant activity

Improves the body’s natural response to insulin and activates insulin receptors (which also benefits those with insulin resistance)

Moderates the body’s blood sugar levels more effectively

Decreases the amount of glucose that enters the blood stream after a meal

Metabolizes glucose in the liver, reducing blood sugar spikes

Interferes with numerous digestive enzymes to slow and break down carbohydrates in the digestive tract

Acts on cells by mimicking insulin, but at a much slower rate (in turn improving glucose uptake by the cells)

Reduces the risk of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia along with reducing symptoms of diabetes including decreasing

Decreases oxidative stress, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels

Reduces the risk of and prevents many conditions relating to the heart (including heart disease and stroke)

Promotes healthy blood flow throughout the body which puts less strain on the heart

Strengthens the heart (reducing the risk of ailments like heart disease, stroke, and heart attack)

Supports cardiovascular function and contributes to a strong and healthy functioning heart

Promotes proper blood clotting and reduces the risk of blood clot accumulation in the wrong places

Lowers bad cholesterol levels, lowers total cholesterol levels, and lowers triglyceride levels (without significantly affecting levels of good cholesterol)

Combats certain types of cancer and to prevents cancer from developing

Inhibits tumor cell growth and proliferation along with inducing apoptosis (programmed cell death)

Reduces the formation of blood vessels in tumors

Is a potent activator of detoxifying enzymes in the colon

Activates protective antioxidant responses

Highly effective at fighting harmful free radicals that damage the body

Enhances how the brain responds to insulin

Manages blood sugar levels in the brain (helpful to neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s disease)

Ensures blood glucose levels do not increase too fast (decreasing hyperglycemic episodes that add to cognitive decline)

Combats the progressive loss of structure or function of brain cells (neurodegenerative diseases)

Inhibits the buildup of the protein in the brain called Tau (combating Alzheimer’s Disease)

Protects neurons, normalizes transmitter levels, and improves motor function (which is all part of Parkinson’s disease)

Prevents a range of neurodegenerative diseases by enhancing cognitive processing, focus, memory, and visual-motor speed

Protects against brain damage, promotes healthy function, and supports overall brain power

Promotes the health of the nerve system in the brain (the nerve system in the brain controls the whole body, it is the source for everything)

Useful to those with ADD and ADHD by combating the condition (making it easier to be treated and lessening the accompanying symptoms)

Protects and improves the oral health of the body

Inhibits bacteria that are involved in dental issues

Combats bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay, and eases tooth pain

Strengthens the teeth and the bones

Manages the enzymes in the body that produce hormones to repair the bones

Maintains overall bone health throughout the body

Alleviates symptoms that accompany seasonal allergies

Reduces nasal, eye, and non-hay fever allergy symptoms

Decreases emotional issues that are related to seasonal allergies

Improves wound healing by promoting the growth and migration of certain cells needed for healing

Combats muscle soreness from exercise and joint pain from arthritis

Relieves cramps before and during menstruation

Drastically reduces the severity of symptoms related to primary dysmenorrhea (including nausea, vomiting, pain, and the amount of menstrual bleeding)

Promotes the production of collagen (which is essential for firm, healthy, and glowing skin)

Relieves stress and improves overall mood

Boosts sex life

Improves and maintains the overall health of the eyes



Increases the overall health of the body and combats various ailments (including jaundice and rubella)

Maintains overall vision and eye health while preventing broken cells

Combats diseases that cause pain (including nephritic syndrome and beriberi, swelling, back pain, and chronic rheumatism)

Maintains a strong and healthy immune system

An effective deterrent for diseases caused by viral and bacterial infections

Ward offs colds and influenza during the seasons when the body is more susceptible

Reinforces the immune system and protects against various autoimmune disorders

Combats issues regarding respiratory health

Soothes irritation and inflammation from respiratory issues

Clears out phlegm and flushes foreign agents from the glands

Protects the body from damaging free radicals

Neutralizes the free radicals in the body from becoming disease

Protects the healthy and productive cells in the body from respiratory issues

Reduces the duration of respiratory symptoms

Heals and controls viruses and combats infections

Prevents and anticipates various types of breathing system related diseases

Reduces the pain and soreness from issues like sinusitis

Calms inflammation, provides relief from allergies, and treats symptoms like fever

Improves the function of the liver by supporting its detoxification

Decreases excess cholesterol from the body while increasing the good cholesterol (which lowers the risk of cardiovascular issues)

Lowers blood pressure (keeping the heart healthy and safe)

Protects the heart by relaxing and calming the tension in the blood vessels and arteries

Reduces inflammation and reduces oxidative tissue damage

Provides positive effects on markers of heart and blood vessel health

Decreases the susceptibility to organ damage from high blood pressure

Decreases the levels of uric acid and fat levels in the blood

Decreases the amount of cholesterol in the liver and aorta

Regulates glucose levels and insulin levels

Provides stability to those with diabetes and reduces the risk for those without diabetes

Stimulates glucose metabolism and insulin secretion to lower blood sugar levels

Regulates blood sugar concentrations and produces more energy and protein

Increases the frequency of urination and amount of salt excretion

Reduces constipation and gas

Improves the overall gastrointestinal health of the body by making the food move through the intestines more easily

Improves digestion and increases the nutrient uptake efficiency (which allows the body to absorb more nutrients from food)

Promotes urine production

Leaves the body feeling full for longer periods of time (which reduces the amount of food consumed)

Delays, inhibits, and reverses cancer formation

Combats and prevents the growth of cancer cells in the body while preventing cell damage

Improves the strength of the body’s bones and the formation of new bone tissues

Increases bone density in the earlier years of life

Considerably delays the onset of and reduces the risk of conditions like osteoporosis

Reduces and prevents wrinkles and reduces age spots

Improves the tone and glow of the skin

Prevents sagging and enhances the skins firmness

Provides natural relief to the skin and protects the skin cells from degenerating


Serving Size:  2 Capsules per day (with or without food, depending on stomach sensitivity)


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent, or treat any disease.

Please check with your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing, taking medication, or before any diet changes.

As with various all-natural and medicinal herbs and plants, consistency is key. Healing takes time, does not happen overnight, and is affected by diet and exercise.

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